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lunes, 19 de agosto de 2013

Neurodegenerative diseases.

This topic will group four such diseases by their relationship with the nervous system: memory loss, Parkinson dis.,  Alzheimer's dis. and senile dementia.

Upon reaching the age of 40 is advisable to pay attention to the care of the above mentioned diseases to be chronic and neurodegenerative whose main feature is the progressive death of neurons in large portions of the brain due to a significant decrease in dopamine . In other words it is a dysfunction that is related to pituitary and pineal gland (the pituitary and hipífisis).

The maximum age at presentation is 60 years from the gradually increasing to age 80 and the incidence in this age group is 3 people per 1000. Although there are cases of early presentation. 

What are the causes?
Inflammation and Toxemia. Toxins come in many ways, exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal): pesticides, herbicides (many farmers suffering from such chronic diseases) vaccines, infections, nutritional deficiencies, or eating high-fat, processed foods, sugar substitutes sugar like aspartame, obesity, (diabetics are prone to these diseases), pharmaceutical drugs, flu vaccines, dental amalgams, other metals such as aluminum (at one time the pans, aluminum pots and pans were very popular) lead, mercury, some toothpastes, some soaps etc.. Oxidation by free radicals, lack of exercise and so on. Can also be caused by trauma.

What are the symptoms?
Memory loss, mental dullness, slowness of movement, rigidity, expressionless face, drunkenness (dry) lack of automatic movements (blinking, arm swing when walking, etc..) And other symptoms that appear gradually as impaired balance reflexes causing falls.

Diagnosis of these conditions is basically clinician. The neurologist is who, with the data provided by the patient and their families, is one diagnostic these diseases. You can also perform blood tests, MRI and others, but not strictly necessary.

The main treatment is the replacement of brain dopamine by administering precursor drugs (levodopa). However, the administration of this drug (sinemet and madopán) is associated with motor complications and long-term.
When the drugs do not work, there are surgical stimulation by lesion or dysfunction brain structures, such as the hypothalamus.
Other alternative therapies are Homeopathy. With over 2000 remedies arising from the mineral, vegetable and animal and others remain under investigation.
Phytotherapy. The plants are mostly used stimulants in aging.
Chia seeds and flaxseed are rich in omega 3.  Spirulina invigorate the body . Ginseng is the best known of mental and sexual tonics. Ginger root. The angelica root. Cinnamon: great stimulant circulatory, digestive and aphrodisiac. Guarana: overall body tonic and nervous system. (Sold here in Mexico Holistic clinic).  Sage : sexual and general tonic. Echinacea  purple and I can not fail to mention the royal jelly. Both products sale here) stress plants are mostly used in premature aging of the body from exhaustion.
I have prepared two compounds as an infusion, one the tea is "anti-aging" compound ginseng, sage and ginkgbilova. The other anti-stress compound called "5 women" consists of: Angelica root, valerian root, linden flowers, melissa and mint.

The diet is basic. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, tree seeds, nuts, etc.. I recommend "Health Restoration Program".

Cytotherapy whose purpose is to insert molecules in the body organs, glands and tissues, leading them to reactivate systems again altered homeostasis. In fact the only way to replace old, dead cells that have stopped releasing secretions, is through introducing new cells. Dr. Paul Niehams in association with Dr. Alexis Carrel (Nobel Prize) in 1930 developed one o'clock CT implants from glands and tissues of young sheep. Pope Pius XII was one of its most notorious patients between businessmen, politicians and artists, who could pay thousands of dollars for this treatment.
In Mexico Dr. Alcazar has developed one o'clock CT pituitary implants from piglets.
This CT is now available in Puerto Vallarta at a very affordable cost to all persons without adverse consequences.

In conclusion. This type of chronic diseases and neuro-degenerative diseases are prolonged and progressive course, leading to significant degree of disability.
Good health to all.

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Alzheimer's Disease, Prevention and Natural Treatments. Mireille and Jean-Loup Peyronnet Dervaux. Editorial Diana.

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